Workshop on Translational Data Science

Call for Position Papers on Translational Data Science

We are asking participants in the Workshop on Translational Data Science (TDS) to write short 1-2 page position papers on one of the following five themes:

1.    What is translational data science (TDS)? What is a good definition of TDS? What is the relationship of TDS to the foundations of data science?  Should it be a separate discipline? What are some TDS activities?

2.    What are some examples of translational data science success stories and failures?  What lessons can we learn from these? How do you interpret translation and consequently what are viable and useful measures of impactful translation?

3.    What are some research challenges, opportunities, and high priority areas in TDS?  What would a research agenda or research program to further TDS look like?    

4.    What are some examples of models and methodologies for translation?  What are some lessons for TDS methodologies and models that can be applied to a wide range of disciplines? 

5.    What is an education agenda for TDS? How should we teach translational data science? How would a TDS educational agenda compare with data science as is currently being taught?      

The papers may be longer. Topics may be combined and you are welcome to write a closely related topic, but the workshop will be organized around these themes and short talks will be selected for presentation based position papers.

Position papers must be submitted as an attachment to 

Deadline: June 16, 2017