October 11, 2016


Context Computing and the Rise of Sensemaking Systems

Jeff Jonas

Data Scientist

Former IBM Fellow

Serial Entrepreneur


September 22, 2016


Harnessing the Data Revolution: 

A Perspective from the National Science Foundation

Chaitan Baru, PhD

Senior Advisor for Data Science

National Science Foundation


July 27, 2016


(Cancer) Genomics via (Sub)Optical Mapping

Bud Mishra, PhD

Prof of CS, Math, Engg & Biology,

Courant Inst., Tandon School of Engg & NYU SoM


March 16, 2016

Accelerating Discoveries with Big Data + Supercomputing 

Prof. Alok N. Choudhary

Henry & Isabelle Dever Professor of EECS,

Northwestern University

Founder and Chief Scientist, 4Cinsights Inc.


February 9, 2016


Data Science @NIH – BD2K & the Commons

Vivien Bonazzi, PhD

Senior Advisor for Data Science Technologies and Innovation

National Institutes of Health