Data Commons and Data Sharing Workshop

DCDS is a workshop of invited talks on data commons and data sharing, with two tracks focused on enhancing data sharing for cancer data and environmental data.

The biomedical track was designed to identify some of the technical, organizational, economic and policy challenges limiting the sharing of cancer genomics and clinical data at the scale required to transform how we make discoveries and treat patients using precision medicine. Current and potential approaches to overcoming these challenges were discussed. The workshop also covered technologies for building commons of biomedical data and interoperating commons of biomedical data, with a particular focus on cancer commons.  Perspectives from federal, commercial, and consortium and association backgrounds were well-represented.

The environmental track opened with a keynote from Ed Kearns, PhD who talked about the big data partnership and research activity at NOAA.  Partnerships, technologies, and applications for building commons of environmental data were discussed.  The workshop concluded with an unconference session, with topics and ideas driven from the participants. 


Biomedical Track

  • Leveraging data commons to support clinical decision making
  • Economic incentives and disincentives impacting cancer data sharing
  • Escaping the tragedy of the commons
  • Data services supporting data commons
  • Interoperating commons to create a critical mass of data
envdcds16 (1).jpg

environmental track

  • Data Commons 101
  • Increasing access to environmental data
  • Environmental commons services and interoperability
  • Unconference session